Do I need to shave my head before hair transplant?

The simple answer to this question is NO.

Our doctor at consultation will discuss the most appropriate technique for you and will take into consideration your preference for styling your hair in the future as well as your concerns in relation to noticeability following the procedure.

Generally we performed the implanter pen technique(DHI). By using the implanter pen technique, Dr. Seda Erdoğan and team can safely implant your grafts between existing hair.

Shaving can in some cases improve the rate of implantation, so more grafts can be implanted during the transplant. In all patients, we will need to shave your donor area (the back of your head) to extract the grafts carefully.

All shaving and trimming will be done at the clinic, so you do not need to do anything before you arrive. Do not shave your scalp or beard before your arrival.