Post Operative Hair Wash

Hair wash technique is one of the most important things that can affect the transplanted hair roots and final result of a hair transplantation. Therefore, every patient is taught how to wash their hair properly at the SE Hair Clinic.

The hair wash procedure steps:

All washing steps should be done gently with the palm and without pressure and rubbing.


This is the softening phase of hair wash. Both transplanted area and donor area are covered with moisturizer lotion and wait 30 minutes. It helps a softening effect on scabs around the transplanted hair roots and donor area. This helps to remove traces of dried blood and heal faster.


After 15-30 minutes, the scalp should be washed with special medical shampoo and warm water. Lather a little amount of shampoo between your hands and very carefully apply to the whole scalp. Do not rub be carefull.


After washing step dry your hair with a paper towel just pat it very gently do not rub. If it is possible do not use towels to dry your hair. You should use a hair dryer on a cool air mode and at a moderate distance from your head.

The surgical team and Dr. Seda Erdoğan work on personalized hair transplant procedure and prepare the operation area according to the plan in this stage.

Shampooing should be done once a day to remove all the scabs.
Avoid massaging the scalp and picking at the scabs.
You can start washing your hair normally two weeks after the transplantion.