Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplantation is an effective treatment method that has a positive effect on individuals with hair loss; affecting every aspect of their lives. Although most of the hair transplantion patients are still men, most of the women have begun to seek hair transplant procedure as a hair loss treatment. Hair transplantation is considered a very important treatment as the final result of this procedure will contribute positively to the physical appearance of the woman. In addition to its negative effects on physical appearance, hair loss can also lead to feelings of extreme psychological distress. Hair loss in women can be triggered by many conditions, it is much more harder to diagnose when compared to men.
Causes of hair loss in women are:
Female Pattern Hair Loss also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, is the most common cause of hair loss in women. Before recommending any treatment plan for women, their hair loss type and the causes must be identified. The correct diagnosis can be made by a dermatologist.
Determining whether the hair loss condition is permanent or temporary, progressive or stable will also help in choosing the most effective treatment program for the patient.
Hair transplantation offers a permanent solution for hair loss for women. Hair transplantation is one of the most preferred treatments among women with localized or male pattern hair loss.
As with all hair transplant treatments, hair transplantation for women should be customized and planned according to individual specifications. Although the basic principles remain the same, women are not required to shave their heads completely before their hair transplantation procedure.