What will i experience after hair transplant?

Everyone is especially curious about when there will be shock shedding in my hair and when will my transplanted hair grow?

A person who has a hair transplant wants to have his new image as soon as possible. After the hair transplant, after the healing process is over, the transplanted hair starts to grow immediately within 2-3 months, but it takes about 1 year to get the desired natural state. Although this process varies from person to person, this period may be shorter depending on the structure of the hair and environmental effects.

After transplantation whatever stage the hair is at when its’s removed from the donor area at the back of the head, it will still be in this stage when it’s transplanted into the new recipient area. It will continue in this stage, so don’t be alarmed if new hair begins to fall out, it was more than likely in the shedding phase.

let’s have a look what will be waiting for you:

Day zero – the transplantation day

Days one to five –these days are the most important days .plase look after yourself and your scalp is very carefully. It is very important to use the medicines given by the doctor regularly after the transplantation. Take the antibiotics as prescribed to protect against infection. If you you feel pain you can take painkillers which are provided. You might experience swelling, itching and redness and in both the donor and recipient areas of the scalp, and this is perfectly normal. Ice pads for the first few days will be useful in preventing edema formation. This redness and swelling will disappear from the donor area first. Two days after the operation you are need to begin washing your hair in the morning or evening as demonstrated in the clinic. A little itchiness is normal the first few days after a hair transplantation. Don’t scratch your scalp.

Days six to fifteen – Over time, you will feel more normal, the redness and swelling have decreased, but you will start to notice that the skin of your scalp begins to crusted and looks dry. This is again normal and part of the healing process. When the shells are shed, you will be left with small, tiny hairs. Regular use of the moisturizers given to you ensures that this process heals faster.

Weeks two to three – These tiny little hairs can be short-lived these are just transplanted hair follicules, not new growing hair. You will notice that they start to disappear, but don’t be discouraged, that is also what we waited. The new hair shaft creates by pushing the hair transplanted below. You can be sure that the transplanted follicular unit is safe and secure in its new area. You will see the hair growth is still continuing during this time.

Month two – three The shock loss usually finishes in 2 months. The hair is just stating to come out, and as expected, it is thin and space. You may have random and untidy hair growing. Redness may continue. Sometimes pimples may occur in the recipient area.

Months three to six – The very first hair starts growing in 4 months after the procedure. It is usually thin and weak. It may also be curly. The direction of hair may be chaotic. You can direct them properly massaging with your hands. By the end of 4th month only 30% of the hair grows. You’ll start to see lots more hair growth, it’ll be thin, but it’ll be there. And guess what, this is your permanent new hair! It’ll be entering it’s anagen, or growth stage by now. By the end of 5th month the volume increases. Yet it is still not the desired level.

Months six to nine – By the 7th-8th months the hair grows intensively and gets stronger. Approximately 70%-80% of total hair regrows. You’ll see more and more hair growth and it’ll begin to blend with your existing hair. You’ll be able to begin styling your hair (with care) and it’ll be feeling much thicker. You’ll notice it has texture and no longer feels like fine, baby hair. Your scalp should also be completely healed by this point too.

Year One and Beyond – You will be able to see the full extent of the results of your hair transplant procedure. 95% of transplanted hair grows, becomes naturally-looking, and gets strong. A hair transplant is definitely a confidence boosting treatment but it’ll take about a year for the results of your hair transplant to fully reveal themselves. But the result is worth the money and time.