Where Are The Grafts Taken From?

In hair transplantation surgery, the grafts are especially taken from the nape area, which we call the ‘donor area’. This is between the two ears and does not fall out genetically. This area hair foliculles are resistant to androgenetic hormones which cause male pattern hair loss.

The hairs on the beard, chest and arms on the body also have more resistant roots for hair loss. For this reason, beard and body hair has been frequently used in hair transplantation processes in recent years. In procedures where hair roots harvested from the outside of the nape, a new shedding may occur later on.

In transplantation surgery some cases have a big bald area and insufficient nape donor hair roots. If the donor hair roots will still be insufficient after the hair of the nape and then the beard area of ​​the person is removed, chest hair is preferred as the best alternative among other options as an additional graft.

The beard roots can stay in the growth phase for a long time, they are considered as the most suitable donor area after the hair follicles on the nape.

Since it is known that the hair follicles in the beard area are relatively thicker than the hair follicles on the nape, the hair follicles taken from the beard area are used in the middle and rear regions to increase the density, not the front line of the scalp.

Body hair is considered as the third option in hair transplant operations planned for men. As beard hair grafts body hair grafts are also used in the middle and rear scalp areas.