DHI Hair Transplant

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is the most innovative technique of hair transplantation for the most natural and high-density results. DHI technique is also known as’’unshaven hair transplantation’’
DHI technique is the process of removing hair from the donor area with special pens and placing it in the area to be transplanted. Hair transplant is performed using ‘’Choi implanter pens’’ which provide denser hair transplantation. These pens, selected specifically for patients during operation, are single use for each patient.
The hair follicul taken from the donor area is placed in the area to be transplanted in a short time like 1-2 minutes with this special pens. Contrary to classical FUE method in DHI method, there is no need to pre-create implantation channels also reducing trauma to the scalp. DHI method enables to place the grafts at the right angle to direction of hair growth which allows the patients to obtain natural looking results

This transplantation method does not require shaving, so it is possible to transplant grafts between thinned existing hairs.  This method can be preferred more in women hair transplant because it is possible to transplant hair follicles in the bald areas between the hair.

We are performing most of our patients FUE and DHI hair transplant techniques, which are considered as the most advanced techniques in hair transplantation all over the world.