Can hair transplantation be done with hair taken from the body?

In hair transplantation operation, in addition to the traditionally used nape area, more intensive hair transplantation can be done by using body hair as a hair source.This is called Body to scalp hair transplantation.

Removing hair follicles from areas other than the scalp may provide more successful hair transplantation results in people with insufficient hair follicles in the nape area or in recurrent hair transplants.

The amount of hair in the donor area is the most important factor for hair transplantation success. Candidates with insufficient hair in donor area may need additional donor hair resources. For these cases, hair transplantation from body hair can be an alternative. For example; If the hair in the donor area at the back of the head is not enough to cover all areas that are desired to be covered; hair in different parts of the patient’s body can also be used to perform a more successful hair transplantation.

Hair follicles to be used in the area to be transplanted can be taken from several areas:

  • Beard area
  • Chest area
  • Other parts of the body (back, legs, etc.)

For these cases who plan to have hair transplantation, body hair after beard hair can be considered as a third source of graft recipient. If the grafts taken from the back of the head and the beard area are still not sufficient for hair transplantation, chest hair can be considered as a good source of hair follicles for hair transplantation.