New Look, New You: How a Hair Transplant in Turkey Can Change Your Life

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Our clinic, which is an expert in hair transplantation treatment techniques, has treated many individuals both from Turkey and abroad in this field for many years. Our most prominent feature in this field is to always follow the technology and always improve ourselves.

Thanks to hair transplantation, you can have natural-looking, tight, bushy and healthy hair. One of the advantages of having your treatment in Turkey is that we have very budget-friendly prices to have healthy hair compared to many other countries. In addition, all your basic needs, from meeting at the airport to your hotel reservation, are arranged for you by our clinic. Without worrying about any of your basic needs, you can come to Turkey immediately and have your hair transplant treatment, and you can travel around Turkey by extending your holiday as you wish.

Hair Transplant in Turkey – How is The Process?

The subject of Hair tansplant in Turkey is quite extensive. Some of the treatments performed are:

These applications are also divided into more modern techniques within themselves.

Which treatment is the most appropriate option for the individual is decided by the doctor by paying attention to the person’s demands and examination findings.

FUE Hair Transplant

In FUE hair transplantation technique, a donor area is determined and the process begins. The donor area is usually the nape where the stronger hair tissue is located, and the parts of the head close to the ear on the right and left sides.

Local anesthesia is applied to the donor area and healthy hair follicles are collected one by one using the micromotor technique. Then, local anesthesia is given to the front area to be transplanted, and mini-sized channels are opened for the hair follicles. Finally, healthy hair follicles are placed in the channels and the process is completed.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

The version of the FUE technique, which is performed with a special sapphire tip pen, not the micromotor technique, is known as the sapphire FUE hair transplant technique. The prominent advantages of this application compared to the classical technique;

  • Much shorter hair transplantation period
  • Ability to open tighter channels
  • Using the same device used to collect hair follicles to open canals
  • Less damage to hair follicles
  • Better adhesion of hair follicles to the scalp

FUT Hair Transplant

In the FUT hair transplant technique, the donor area with a few hair follicles (usually 2 – 3) is cut into strips and placed in the hair transplant area as a graft. In this technique, there is no need to shorten the hair and the result of the procedure is quite successful.

However, after the hair transplantation areas heal, scar tissue in the form of white dots remains. For this reason, it is a more suitable hair transplant technique for individuals who prefer not to use their hair short.

DHI Hair Transplant

It is an operation performed faster than other techniques in a single session. Using a special medical pen called Choi, hair follicles are collected and placed directly in the area where the hair will be transplanted with this pen.

Using a single device, it is possible to collect follicles, open channels and place hair follicles.

Where is Hair Transplantation Performed?

You can have hair transplant treatment in our clinic located in Antalya, Turkey, quickly and with 100% success. Thanks to our budget-friendly prices compared to many countries, you can both have your hair thinning and hair loss treatment and get the opportunity to get to know Turkey closely.

Your treatment process starts with contacting us and determining your appointment date. After that, you need to buy your flight ticket to Antalya at least 1 day before the specified date. When you reach the airport, a private vehicle and driver will meet you and help you reach your hotel with your belongings.

After resting at your hotel for 1 day, you come to the clinic the next day and meet your doctor and his team. Your doctor will determine whether your health condition is suitable for treatment by performing the necessary examinations and your treatment will be planned.

After completing your treatment, you can continue to stay in Turkey as long as you wish and take a vacation, taking into account your doctor’s recommendations.

Advantages of Hair Transplantation Treatment in Turkey

  • As it is a very common procedure, doctors in Turkey have serious experience in this field.
  • According to many countries, you can have hair transplantation at budget-friendly prices.
  • You can have a holiday by increasing the budget you allocate for your treatment as you wish.
  • The equipment used is advanced and modern technical equipment.
  • The hotel where you will stay and the clinic where you will be treated are selected from among the fully equipped and luxurious places.
  • During the whole process, you can contact the clinic at any time and ask your questions and get help.
  • You will have the chance to get to know the city of Antalya, which has a Mediterranean coast in Turkey and where many countries of the world flock to at all times of the year.

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