FUE Vs FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) hair transplantation method is the process of removing hair follicles from the donor area as a strip. It also called strip tecnique. A small strip of hair-bearing skin is then dissected into individual follicular units under microscopes and those follicular units (grafts) are transplanted individually into the bald area. The defect area created by the harvest is immediately closed with stitches and heals into a linear scar. In FUE hair transplantation method a special instrument is used to extract grafts one by one, without leaving an elongated scar. Recently, FUT hair transplantation tecnique has been shelved, FUE hair transplantation application has started to be done more frequently and preferred.

In FUT method is short operative time needed it is also cheaper and larger sessions are easier than FUE but one of the most significant disadvantages of FUT hair transplantation is the visible scarring. Strips removed in the FUT technique may leave noticeable scars in the donor area. The scar can be hidden under longer haircuts, it isn’t ideal for short haircuts. Some times hipertrophic scar form (keloid) may occur. While devoloping the hair transplant tecniques patients don’t want to have a linear scar on their scalp.

The recovery time of FUT is slower and more uncomfortable than FUE. It is mainly because of the sutures require time to heal and a patient can not fully recover without healing. It is essential for avoiding sutures to open or the scar from widening. So patients are not allowed to physical activities during this period. The donor area is usually the backside of the scalp, making it even more uncomfortable to lie straight for patients.

While the scalp stretching risk isn’t common after a single session. Someone who is suffering from progressive baldness shouldn’t undergo a FUT hair transplantion because stretching of the scalp as a result of repeated hair transplant surgeries. For such cases, a FUE hair transplantion must be considered.

FUT hair transplantation technique is no longer preferred for the reasons we have explained above.